The Big Book of Ideas

This is an Obsidian Portal page documenting ideas, outlines, and sketches for chronicles, campaigns, and characters. It’s a catch-all idea incubator. If you have an idea for a character you would like to play, go ahead and upload it to the Characters section.

The main Wiki section is for campaign ideas, plots, settings, et cetera. Feel free to use it to upload suggestions for things you would like to play.

The idea behind this Portal is to easily share ideas that might be fun to explore in a game. Maybe something will come of them, maybe not.

If you only have a loose idea, like “I would like to play a game about zombies”, it might be best to post that in the Forum, to allow for some discussion around the subject.

Besides your own ideas, it’s also totally kosher to post links, pictures, or basically anything else you feel might be inspirational. Make your own page on the wiki and go crazy!

My Big Book of Ideas

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