Pathfinder Pitches

Some pitches for a short Pathfinder game.

The Lost Temple
A classic adventure – a search for a lost temple in a deep jungle, plagued by monsters but also home to eccentric natives, who might be swayed to assist you… or might decide to sacrifice you to their stone gods. Wilderness/dungeon adventure, with a chance for political intrigue with the natives if you choose that option.

Characters would be non-natives to the jungle, delving inside it with a half-broken ancient map and a legend of a great treasure. Bonus points if motivations for obtaining the treasure differ slightly!

The Witch Throne
The king’s new wife is a wicked sorceress, slowly seducing him to the dark side with her demonic magic. The player characters are knights, loyal to the King but with a growing resentment for the witch-queen, who must now unite the factions of the city and defeat her, all the while avoiding her demonic assassins and shadowy allies. Urban game, with a focus on roleplaying encounters.

The Horde Triumphant
The time for heroic deeds is over. The war is lost. The orcs have won. The rampaging horde has overrun your homelands, and now there is but one motivation: Survive. Rumor says there is shelter to seek in the land of the elves, in their distant bastions that still stand safe against the invasion – but can you make it there, or are you doomed to become a meal for the war-ogres?

A darker game, focused on making ones’ way across a ruined land, dominated by the rapacious horde. Focus on combat and moral choices.

The Secret of Skull Castle
Skull Castle has long stood looming over the village, an ancient building whose origins are lost to time. Now, a group of heedless adventurers have decided to explore the mysterious building and brave the traps and puzzles inside, seeking to learn the secret of the ancient mage who built it…

Dungeon crawler, with a focus on puzzles and trickery rather than combat. Can be played very light-hearted or made into a horror game, according to taste.

The Suicide Squad
Perhaps you were guilty of some horrible crime, perhaps innocently accused, or perhaps judged by an overly cruel judge. Either way, you were sentenced to death… with a chance at redemption. By the law of the land, those prisoners who rid the land of three fearsome beasts are cleared of their crimes. To that end, the royal sorcerers have bound you with a curse; within a fortnight, it will slay you. The curse can only be lifted by the blood of three especially dangerous monsters.

You are monster-hunters, bound by your crimes to one another, with a small chance at freedom. Wilderness, dungeon, or urban adventure, depending on what exact beasts you decide to go after. Focus on a few intense combats against the deadly beasts, with mostly roleplaying in between (few or no random encounters).

Pathfinder Pitches

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