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Actual Steampunk
Steampunk often forgets the -punk element. This would be a game about revolutionaries in a steampunky setting, poor, working-class people fighting against the oppression of the nobility and the nouveau riche. Your mother lost three fingers to a Spinning Jenny and your father died of black lung, but you’ve read your Marx and Engels and are prepared to make a change. With your hijacked airship and your second-hand steam powered arm replacement stitched in place by a gin-soaked back alley doctor, you’ll fight the good fight for democracy and socialism in the 20th century.

Beneath the Black Flag
A historical piece set in the Caribbean, this story revolves around the conflicts between French, Spanish and English privateers in the mid-1600s. It also features pirates, of course. Meant as a historical, realistic game, though it could be switched up for more action if preferred.

Dino Pirates of Ninja Island
I just… kinda want to try this game. It’s a pulp-action thing set in a fictional version of East Asia, with dinosaurs. That… seems to pretty much be it.

The Darwin Defenders
Post-apocalyptic piece using my own hybrid Darwin’s World/Action D20 monstrosity of a system. The story revolves around a settlement in the post-apocalyptic wasteland and the many trials that face it; the PCs can do anything from negotiate deals with nearby raiders, to defend the walls from mutants or go out in search of a new water purifier.

Fast & Furious XXIV
(Name pending). World of Darkness game focusing on people involved in illegal street racing. The actual plot would focus on the gradual imposition of a huge organized crime ring on the player characters’ home turf.

Heroes of the Silver Age
A retro-style superhero game, set in the 1950s. Meant as a deconstruction/reconstruction of the superhero genre – it could be a fast-paced fun game, or something akin to a Watchmen-styled dark parody. Probably a little bit of both.

Serenity Science
A group of scientists and detectives in the Firefly ’verse, searching for answers out in the Rim. Equipped with high tech stuff in comparison, they have no ability to return to base and run on very limited resources (but lots of shiny toys!)


These pieces are more interesting settings, that could be explored or played around with in the context of multiple types of campaigns.

The Endless Woods
Vast, deep forests, populated by indigenous tribes that differ widely from each other. These forests are also full of obscure ruins and the occasional kingdom, carved out from the woods. A primitive, dangerous world where navigation is difficult and the trees hide many dangers. Essentially, this is a setting where exploration would be a heavy part of the campaign and very very little is known about the world.

Rik's Ideas

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