BESM Pitches

You are…

Revolutionaries in Steampunk London, trying to overthrow the nobility with stolen technology, organizing the people as elite members of a revolutionary front. You’ve joined for reasons of your own, but the Cause is yours now – and it begins with simple Robin Hood tactics. Steal from the rich to feed the poor, and fight against the King, but stay hidden from the heavily-armed Mecha-Bobbies. Your allies are other revolutionaries, a ragtag band of misfits.

The crew of the airship The Ravenwing, employed by a Skytopian prince to hunt down bandits and monsters on the Surface that pose a threat to his investments, and to protect his colonies from sabotage by rival princes. As his maverick daughter takes the helm as the ship’s new captain, though, routines are about to change for more daring adventure – for she has her eyes set on the Skytopian throne. Your allies are other crewmembers and your friends in the sky-ports, and your cause is to increase your patron’s wealth and influence both on the Surface and in the Sky.

(Recycled) Agents of PSI, a modern-day agency recruiting the psychically gifted as “ghostbusters”, containing unstable psychics, rogue tulpas, and other paranormal phenomena, as well as evil psychic organizations such as the Crimson Scorpion. Concealing your activities in the shadows, you nevertheless possess great psychic aptitudes… but who is behind the Agency, and who funds them? Your activities would involve containing and fighting supernatural elements while maintaining secrecy, while also unwinding strange conspiracies. Your allies are other psychics – whether they’re agents or not.

Bounty hunters in the Spiral Alliance, a space-operatic galactic alliance between several races. Brought together by a mission to hunt down a dangerous terrorist cell outside the reach of the Alliance’s authority, you’ll find yourself squeezed between organized crime syndicates and ancient, mysterious religions – as well as the rising threat of abandoned AIs, threatening to be awoken by the robot-worshiping terrorists. Your allies are fellow bounty hunters and possibly members of the Spiral Alliance, sent to oversee your work. Possibly, you are one such agent yourself.

BESM Pitches

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